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Here`s the startsheet for our first and much belated club TT of 2020.

We have 29 riders and a really good turn out of juniors who we hope will enjoy the event and come back. Sorry it wont be as social as usual.

I`ll endeavour to get the results and race report out on here as soon as possible after the event.

Sharon will be running the sign on from 6pm where you can pick up your number. 

The sign on will close before the race starts at 7 pm and if you havent signed on by then you are not riding.

Bring a pen and a back light and some pins if you need them. fff        If you still need a parents consent form email me.

Parents can ride a the same time as there children if they wish, or start 1 minute later if they prefer.

Please check the riders briefing again before you come so you know what you are doing.

    Full name Club
1 07:01 Jack Harker  Tyneside Vagabonds
2 07:02 Rob Harker Tyneside Vagabonds
3 07:03 Harry Knox Vags
4 07:04 Stuart Knox Non
5 07:05 Harry Ryder Tyneside Vagabonds
6 07:06 Katie Ryder Tyneside Vagabonds
7 07:07 Katherine Patrick Tyneside Vagabonds
8 07:08 Matthew Batson Tyneside Vagabonds
9 07:09 Stan Evans none
10 07:10 Daniel Holmes DCC
11 07:11 Paul Crotty Vags
12 07:12 Jen McMahon Sub Rosa
13 07:13 Patrick Martin North Tyneside Riders
14 07:14 Kevin Hall Sunderland clarion
15 07:15 Teri Bayliss Sub Rosa
16 07:16 Miriam Jessett Kirkley Cycles Race Team
17 07:17 Francis Smith DCC
18 07:18 Raymond Bell Derwentside CC
19 07:19 David Cole Derwentside cycling club
20 07:20 Martin Rasmussen Vags
21 07:21 David Robinson TVCC
22 07:22 Keith Sibbald Zeus CRT
23 07:23 Philip Kennell G.S.Metro
24 07:24 Simon Emsley DCC
25 07:25 Roger Clarke Tyneside Vagabonds C.C.
26 07:26 Chris Bartram Vagabonds
27 07:27 Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC
28 07:28 Sam Atkinson Cestria CC
29 07:29 Adam Wild GS Metro