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You will be emailed a start time/start sheet - I`ll try to accommodate requests. First rider off 7.01pm. Do not park in the usual car park or in sight of the starting area – find a space on the street and try to keep a distance from other riders so it dosn`t look like we are all together.

Numbers can be picked up from the grassy area on the other side of the road to the start area and this is where the sign on will be. No cars to be stopped/parked within the vicinity of the start/number pick up area - come on your bike to this area to pick up your number and sign on. The area will be manned from 6pm. Last sign on will be before first rider off as we'll clear the area away before 7pm.

You must bring your own pen to sign on and a red rear light to ride (new CTT rules for this year and we can`t let you ride without one!)

The numbers are “disposable” and we have 100. Take a number which you can keep for the rest of the season. We won't be setting people off in number order so it doesn’t matter what number you take. Try to bring it back each week so you don’t have to pay again and we don’t run out of numbers. This will have the advantage that you can put it on your cycling jersey before arrival after the first week. There will be no safety pins available.

One you`ve signed in please disperse again into Ponteland, away from the start line, until maximum 4 minutes before your start time. We`ll be using GPS time so your phone or any GPS device should have the exact same time as us. DO NOT warm up on a stationary trainer – this has been expressly forbidden by CTT and any infringement will result in a DQ and no further club TTs this season.

You will have to start without a pusher off but the timekeeper will be at the startline as usual, keeping 2 metres away from all riders, and the riders waiting to start need to line up with 2 metre distancing. No equipment can be left at the start unless you intend to retrieve it yourself at your own risk, after all riders have set away.

After passing the finish line do not stop but return to your car and return home without gathering in any groups. The results will appear on the website as soon as I can process them.

Should you have an incident on the course and we become aware of this we are not supposed to collect you in a car. Clearly if this is an emergency we will do everything appropriate to help, but if it’s a mechanical and you just can't get back, you`ll need someone to pick you up. On the registration form and sign in sheet there is an extra column for “rescue number”. If this is not the same as the “emergency number” then please fill the column in, otherwise we will ring the emergency number for rescue.


Parental consent forms will be available for all under 18s at the start and must be filled in by the parent before the rider can start. If this is a problem let me know and we can arrange for it to be filled in from the online form and a copy emailed to me, but this will not be possible on the night!

This is a list of CTT's official rules for covid TTs:-

  • Competitors should not attend if they feel ill in ANY way or if family members have any symptoms.
  • An elevated resting heart rate or exceptionally quick to react heart rate during warm up can suggest an underlying asymptomatic illness of ANY kind. You should NOT start the event (DNS) and leave immediately. Do not go to the start line if you feel this is the case and notify the organiser of your intention not to start as a result of an adverse warmup.
  • All warm-ups should be done on the road. Static warm-ups are prohibited.
  • Riders MUST NOT gather in anyway regardless of current guidelines in the car park, HQ area or elsewhere.
  • Competitors on finishing MUST NOT stop at the finish and MUST NOT loiter at the HQ/car park and MUST pack away and leave immediately upon completion of the race.
  • No support can be provided if a competitor suffers mechanical difficulties. It is strongly advised that all competitors carry with them a spare inner-tube/tubular, pump and tyre levers if required.
  • It is strongly advised that all competitors carry a mobile phone and take with them the telephone number of the event organiser. Please telephone the organiser if you have failed to finish the event.

I appreciate this will be a very different experience to usual but if we comply with the rules we should get a season`s racing, albeit compressed.

The schedule for the year is provisionally as follows.

  • 16th July 10m tt
  • 23rd July 25m tt
  • 30th July 10m tt
  • 6th Aug 10m tt
  • 13th Aug 25m tt
  • 20th Aug 10m tt

I`m hoping to run raceclocker and if this is successful we may have live results on the night. I`ll put the link to the results website at the sign-on.

Looking forward to seeing you all at a distance on Thursdays.

Nick Wild (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 01670 519122, 07753 799308)