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A good night saw a win for Harry Walker with 54:14, but ride of the day was 12-year old Conor Henderson who completed his first 25 in 1:37:14.

The weather all day had been nice and sunny. By the time of the race it had started to cool and dull down a bit. The weather forecast had the temperature at 16oC, a 7mph partial tail wind to the turn, 1016mb of pressure, and a relative humidity of 65. But then again it also said it was going to rain which it didn’t…

Following on from the last round were Paul Murphy is photographed having a post race pizza he is again in the news this week.. Spotted along with his bike was the largest ‘drink bottle’ known to man on the back seat of his car. On inquiring about the said bottle he was heard to say ‘you want to see the size of the bottle cage’. It turned out Paul was not going into extreme water loading he had just bought a water butt!! On the racing front we had 18 riders with 6 from the club.

First off was young Conor Henderson from the Newcastle Phoenix. He finished with a creditable 1:37:14 for a young lad who had raced the night before this was a good effort that was rewarded with a round of applause from his fellow competitors. Out on the course the tail wind to the turn never amounted to that much. The benefit was that the partial headwind back was not really noticeable either. Fastest time of the night went to Harry Walker riding his short wheelbase, fixed wheel bike with a 54 x 13 gear and ‘Floyd Landis’ style tri bars. All of this bike kit and more importantly Harry’s legs gave a  time of 54:14 on the night. The fastest club member was Craig with a 1:00:25.

1Harry WalkerTeam Swift0:54:14
2Haydn MaughanRyton Tri0:57:59
3Dave RobinsonGosforth R.C.0:59:43
4Craig FenwickTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:00:25
5Patrick HamiltonDerwentside C.C.1:00:34
6Howard HeightonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:01:01
7Paul MurphyTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:01:37
8Keith BradleyDerwentside C.C.1:03:12
9Andy HaleBarnesbury C.C.1:04:57
10David DonaldsonDerwentside C.C.1:05:12
11Raymond BellRyton Tri1:06:03
12Adam HogarthNewcastle Phoenix1:06:08
13Ronnie ThompsonDerwentside C.C.1:07:11
14Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:08:13
15Rob HogarthNewcastle Phoenix1:13:07
16Simon GibbsTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:14:07
17Fred BushellTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:15:59
18Conor HendersonNewcastle Phoenix1:37:14


1Haydn MaughanRyton Tri22:5923:200:57:5925.897
2Craig FenwickTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:0524:101:00:2524.856
3Howard HeightonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:0624:131:01:0124.752
4Paul MurphyTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:3224:441:01:3724.353
5Keith BradleyDerwentside C.C.24:3724:511:03:1224.084
6Andy HaleBarnesbury C.C.25:5426:401:04:5722.920
7Raymond BellRyton Tri26:0126:201:06:0322.852
8Adam HogarthNewcastle Phoenix27:0127:031:06:0822.357
9Ronnie ThompsonDerwentside C.C.27:1727:431:07:1121.989
10Simon GibbsTyneside Vagabonds C.C.28:5729:061:14:0720.527
11Conor HendersonNewcastle Phoenix36:1336:401:37:1416.119
 Dave RobinsonGosforth R.C.23:13 0:59:4325.481
 Patrick HamiltonDerwentside C.C. 24:471:00:3424.488
 David DonaldsonDerwentside C.C.25:28 1:05:1223.283
 Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds C.C.26:07 1:08:1322.481
 Rob HogarthNewcastle Phoenix 28:501:13:0720.662
 Fred BushellTyneside Vagabonds C.C. 29:071:15:5920.174
 Harry WalkerTeam Swift  0:54:14 
 Paddy DeaneKB Cycles R.T.24:53   
 Peter IfflandNorthumbria Police C.C.25:00   
 Alan MacAulayNewcastle Phoenix25:36   
 Simon NicholsonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.27:20   
 Ritchie CaseTyneside Vagabonds C.C.27:36   
 Ian McGeorgeNewcastle Phoenix28:10   
 Ken LongstaffTyneside Vagabonds C.C.33:23   
 Adam WrightsonNewcastle Phoenix37:48