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Round two of the Vags championship was held on a dry but cool night.

The forecast said 12oC with a 17mph wind blowing towards the North West (pressure was 1017 Mb with the relative humidity at 76). Another good turn out of riders assembled in Ponteland with eight club members taking the start out of the twenty riders. Out on the course the wind gave a tail wind on the section from Ogle towards the main road at Belsey. The leg down the main road was blustery but a good speed could still be kept up.

Paul Murphy had to dash round the course as he had pre booked a pizza for the finish ! The fastest time on the night was by Haydn Maughan 22:59 with the fastest Vagabond Craig Fenwick second with a 24.05.

1Haydn MaughanRyton Tri22:59
2Craig FenwickTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:05
3Howard HeightonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:13
4Keith BradleyDerwentside C.C.24:37
5Paul MurphyTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:44
6Patrick HamiltonDerwentside C.C.24:47
7Paddy DeaneKB Cycles R.T.24:53
8Peter IfflandNorthumbria Police C.C.25:00
9Alan MacAulayNewcastle Phoenix25:36
10Andy HaleBarnesbury C.C.25:54
11Raymond BellRyton Tri26:20
12Adam HogarthNewcastle Phoenix27:03
13Ronnie ThompsonDerwentside C.C.27:17
14Ritchie CaseTyneside Vagabonds C.C.27:36
15Rob HogarthNewcastle Phoenix28:50
16Simon GibbsTyneside Vagabonds C.C.28:57
17Fred BushellTyneside Vagabonds C.C.29:07
18Ken LongstaffTyneside Vagabonds C.C.33:23
19Conor HendersonNewcastle Phoenix36:13
20Adam WrightsonNewcastle Phoenix37:48

The standings in the 2 distance BAR with two 10s completed are as follows:

1Haydn MaughanRyton Tri22:5923:2025.910
2Craig FenwickTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:0524:1024.871
3Howard HeightonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:0624:1324.836
4Paul MurphyTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:3224:4424.358
5Keith BradleyDerwentside C.C.24:3724:5124.259
6Raymond BellRyton Tri26:0126:2022.923
7Andy HaleBarnesbury C.C.25:5426:4022.833
8Adam HogarthNewcastle Phoenix27:0127:0322.195
9Ronnie ThompsonDerwentside C.C.27:1727:4321.820
10Simon GibbsTyneside Vagabonds C.C.28:5729:0620.672
11Conor HendersonNewcastle Phoenix36:1336:4016.465
 Dave RobinsonGosforth R.C.23:1300:00 
 Patrick HamiltonDerwentside C.C.24:4700:00 
 Paddy DeaneKB Cycles R.T.24:5300:00 
 Peter IfflandNorthumbria Police C.C.25:0000:00 
 David DonaldsonDerwentside C.C.25:2800:00 
 Alan MacAulayNewcastle Phoenix25:3600:00 
 Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds C.C.26:0700:00 
 Simon NicholsonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.27:2000:00 
 Ritchie CaseTyneside Vagabonds C.C.27:3600:00 
 Ian McGeorgeNewcastle Phoenix28:1000:00 
 Rob HogarthNewcastle Phoenix28:5000:00 
 Fred BushellTyneside Vagabonds C.C.29:0700:00 
 Ken LongstaffTyneside Vagabonds C.C.33:2300:00 
 Adam WrightsonNewcastle Phoenix37:4800:00