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The club championship 25 saw 4 riders recording personal best times, with Howard taking the championship from Paul Murphy, with Roger Clarke 3rd. 


The night of the 25 mile championship had arrived. The weather forecast was variable across the day. At 8am it said that rain was due for 7pm, but by 1pm we had a better looking forecast of cloudy with sun, 17 degrees C no rain, 1006Mb pressure and an RH of 71 all topped off with a gentle 8mph wind blowing to the North West.

The assembled riders were readying them selves at the car park HQ when the day turned dark and thunder could be heard! First man off Conor had  a gap of 8 minutes to the next man. As everybody warmed up the rain began to fall. The showers were not torrential but enough to cool the riders and wet the roads.

Out on the course the field layout had resulted in a group of 8 riders coming together on the homeward leg. The grandstand finish had spurred the riders on to some good times and left Ray the time keeper thinking he was a road race official!!! The notable rides on the night were Ray Bell 1:02:50– P.B., both of the young Newcastle Phoenix riders recorded P.B.’s Adam with a 1:04:45 and Connor with a 1:29:49, Simon Gibbs with a P.B. 1:12:26, and Fred Bushell of the Vagabonds recorded a PB for the course with a 1:13:42.

Overall the event was won by Haydn Maughan of the Ryton Tri with a 58:43, from Howard and Patrick Hamilton. The results of the club championship was 1st Howard Heighton 1:01.08, 2nd Paul Murphy 1:03:57 and 3rd Roger Clarke 1:06:00.

Thanks are due to Ray for dealing remarkably well with a blanket finish of 7 riders within a minute of each other, plus other dead heats on the finish line.  We will be sticking with the official times as recorded below, so apologies if you think you may have been a few seconds faster.  Specific apologies to Haydn whose time had to be estimated, I understand due to him crossing the line at the same time as another vehicle.

1Haydn MaughanRyton Tri58:43
2Howard HeightonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:01:08
3Patrick HamiltonDerwentside C.C.1:01:16
4Raymond BellRyton Tri1:02:50
5Mark PardoeReading C.C.1:02:52
6Paul MurphyTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:03:57
7Peter IfflandNorthumbria Police C.C.1:04:35
8Adam HogarthNewcastle Phoenix1:04:45
9Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:06:00
10Richard FollettRyton Tri1:07:35
11Leigh BlanksDerwentside C.C.1:08:11
12Ronnie ThompsonDerwentside C.C.1:08:45
13Lucy FollettRyton Tri1:10:03
14Ritchie CaseTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:10:37
15Martin FeeneyDerwentside C.C.1:11:15
16Simon GibbsTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:12:36
17Fred BushellTyneside Vagabonds C.C.1:13:42
18Peter SchultzZeus C.R.T.1:14:26
19Conor HendersonNewcastle Phoenix1:29:49
20Ken LongstaffTyneside Vagabonds C.C.DNS


1Haydn MaughanRyton Tri22:5923:060:57:5925.983
2Craig FenwickTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:0524:101:00:2524.856
3Howard HeightonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:0624:131:01:0124.752
4Paul MurphyTyneside Vagabonds C.C.24:3224:441:01:3724.353
5Patrick HamiltonDerwentside C.C.24:4725:111:00:3424.267
6Keith BradleyDerwentside C.C.24:3724:511:03:1224.084
7Raymond BellRyton Tri26:0126:201:02:5023.240
8Andy HaleBarnesbury C.C.25:5426:151:04:5723.039
9Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds C.C.26:0726:261:06:0022.800
10Adam HogarthNewcastle Phoenix26:1827:011:04:4522.729
11Ronnie ThompsonDerwentside C.C.27:1727:431:07:1121.989
12Ritchie CaseTyneside Vagabonds C.C.27:3627:531:10:3721.500
13Simon GibbsTyneside Vagabonds C.C.28:5729:061:12:3620.668
14Conor HendersonNewcastle Phoenix36:1336:361:29:4916.554
 Dave RobinsonGosforth R.C.23:13 0:59:4325.481
 Peter IfflandNorthumbria Police C.C.25:00 1:04:3523.613
 David DonaldsonDerwentside C.C.25:28 1:05:1223.283
 Martin FeeneyDerwentside C.C.29:05 1:11:1520.842
 Rob HogarthNewcastle Phoenix28:50 1:13:0720.662
 Fred BushellTyneside Vagabonds C.C.29:07 1:13:4220.480
 Harry WalkerTeam Swift  0:54:14 
 Mark PardoeReading C.C.  1:02:52 
 Richard FollettRyton Tri  1:07:35 
 Leigh BlanksDerwentside C.C.  1:08:11 
 Lucy FollettRyton Tri  1:10:03 
 Peter SchultzZeus C.R.T.  1:14:26 
 Paddy DeaneKB Cycles R.T.24:53   
 Alan MacAulayNewcastle Phoenix25:36   
 Simon NicholsonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.27:20   
 Ian McGeorgeNewcastle Phoenix28:10   
 Simon YoungNewcastle Cheviot28:17   
 Tim Cook 29:39   
 Wallace WilsonTyneside Vagabonds C.C.31:33   
 Ken LongstaffTyneside Vagabonds C.C.33:23   
 Adam WrightsonNewcastle Phoenix37:48   
 Peter ShiptonNewcastle Phoenix38:01