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Jon Bennett

I would like to nominate Jon Bennett for “Club Member of the Year” in recognition for his substantial contributions to the club over the past year, delivered as ever in his humble and unassuming style. Jon is I suspect the club's most prolific ride leader, leading both a Saturday and Sunday ride come rain or shine, always there to help riders develop and always tailoring the rides to the group on the day. Jon is an active and positive voice of support for the club, his ride reports being not only entertaining but informative, and of note he always takes the time to plug club activities and gently remind us of good club etiquette. Last but not least, Jon is an inspiration to other club members. He frequently leads groups on Sportives / challenges, a quietly spoken but inclusive natural leader always keen to encourage people to rise to the next challenge and actively help them achieve it! Alex Buckthorp

Roger Clarke

Roger Clarke has served as Secretary of Tyneside Vagabonds for 20 years. He has been the driving force behind the club’s modernisation, ensuring its survival and growth into the most diverse and welcoming cycling club. Roger has spent countless hours dedicated to serving the club but, most importantly, he has led by example through: involvement in club rides, trips to Majorca and time trials; developing the race team; website development; the club development plan; supporting young people through go-ride; and much more besides. Without his enthusiastic support I would never have joined the club - but don’t hold that against him - and many others could say the same. Roger represents everything and more that is good about club cycling and being a good clubman. He deserves the honour of club person of the year and I hope that you will vote for Roger. Keith Aungiers

I would like to propose Roger Clarke as club person of the year. For 20 years he has worked tirelessly as club secretary. Over this time the club has expanded beyond anyone's expectations to become one of the most successful in the North East. The day to day work of keeping the club going is largely unnoticed by most of us, but we have all benefited from his commitment and endeavour. I would like to thank him and propose him as club person of the year. Margie Jackson

Brian Finlay

Ker and I would like to nominate Brian Finlay for the Club Person of the Year. Brian is a long-standing member of the club who from joining the Vagabonds some years ago very quickly became a regular ride leader for the various club rides including the TOG's Thursday ride, he's an almost ever present ride leader for the various Saturday Club ride and most recently as a Sunday 'C' ride leader. Being in touch with his feminine side he has also been known on the odd occasion to plan and accompany the WAGs on their rides.

Brian is a regular attender of the Committee meetings providing wise counsel, and has previously served as scrutiniser and seconder to the club's financial accounts. He is an active member of the club social sub-committee, helping to organise the various events run by the club throughout the year.

Brian is a quiet man in the club but part of the glue that holds us together, he is friendly and welcoming to one and all and helps ensure organised club rides go ahead safely and are enjoyable and Ker and I are of the opinion that he would be a very worthy recipient of Club Person of the Year. Austin Wilcock and Ker Morgan

Pete Hodgson

I would like to nominate Pete Hodgson as Club Person of the Year. Pete has over the past year selflessly volunteered his time and dedication to developing and progressing not only competitors and other riders in the club, but has also given up his time to other riders in the North East. Week in week out he coaches at Go-Ride on a Saturday morning. This is after he has coached a Cyclocross session on Friday evenings at Thorneyford Farm. For the past two years, Pete has travelled to the School games as a coach and mentor to club and NE school kids. He is currently in the midst of travelling round Britain carrying out club Pit duties at the National Trophy CX Series, even when he isn’t racing he has sacrificed his own time to travel and take on bike washing duties. Pete would be a deserved recipient of Club Person of the Year. Graeme Gow

Alan Holmes

My son and I joined Tyneside Vagabonds earlier this year and after reading your email I thought this was the perfect opportunity to say how welcoming the club and its members have been to us both. We have primarily cycled on the Saturday Cafe rides but have also tried time trialling and even cyclocross. In this time a number of members have been particularly helpful especially Martin Wells and Eileen but in particular Alan Holmes. He has really helped 2 novice cyclists enjoy our first few months, understand how the club works, the etiquette of road cycling and encouraged us to try new things. Therefore can we both please nominate him for this honour. Neil and Noah Charlton

Austin Wilcock

Kev and I would like to nominate Austin for the club person of the year award. Admittedly we haven't done much with the club this year, in part due to the passing of Bob; he inspired me back on my bike. In relation to this I think the fact that Austin took the time to contact club members, some of them personally, at what was so obviously a very upsetting time for him too, to ensure that they were aware goes above and beyond. We cried down the phone at each other that night even though I was at work. He then organised/helped organise the memorial ride for Bob which I would love to think would become an annual thing, even if on a smaller scale. Baz Rochester and Kevin Sorlie