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Jon Bennett

I'd like to nominate Jon Bennett for organising and leading the Sunday club runs, for devising some great routes, for being a very welcoming "skipper", for some entertaining ride write-ups and for his all round infectious enthusiasm.  Rob Wood

I'd like to nominate Jon Bennett for his commitment to the club rides and his subsequent entertaining accounts of them. Pity there is no equivalent of the Man-Booker Prize in the club or he would win that too!  Margie Jackson

Lesley Bennett

Lesley took on board one of the most difficult positions in the Club, that of event secretary for the Mountain Time Trial. She overcame all the trials and tribulations this task presents. Always ready to accept advice and to ask for assistance when required. She presented the club with another great event and deserves to be recognised for her efforts.  Ray Luckett

Andy Berne

Andy Berne is a relatively new member of the club and has had a huge influence since joining.  He was a prime mover in establishing the Sunday C rides as a key part of the club’s activities.  He is ever willing to lead a ride and to fit the pace and distance to the needs of the group, making sure that everyone who takes part gains maximum enjoyment.  His route planning and group discipline is second to none and all who have ridden with Andy can confirm the pleasure that they have found in his company.  Keith Aungiers

Daniel Holmes

My nomination is for Daniel Holmes for his personal achievements this year. Daniel's passion for the sport we all love is clear for all to see, and this was epitomised when he not only took on this year's Chevy Chase, but then went on to successfully complete the 300km Mosstrooper. Those who have ridden it know this isn't the easiest day in the saddle, but to do so at the ripe old age of 12 is an outstanding achievement (I believe only the 2nd time a 12 year-old has ridden a 300kn audax) - Daniel displaying great resilience and a determination beyond his years to ensure he completed the ride.  Alan Dick

Mark Reed

Once again, as he does every year, Mark put on a successful 100 mile time trial event - this time whilst becoming a dad just before the event!  He has also continued to administer the N&DCA BAR competition, not to mention having a very successful BBAR campaign and adding nearly 10 miles to the club 12 hour record that he had set last year.  Being recognised as club person of the year is long overdue for Mark.  Roger Clarke

Harry Sewell

Harry has served the club as chairperson for more than 20 years during which time he has kept the club on an even keel and supported change within the club to help bring it to where it is now. It is unlikely the club would be positioned where it is today without Harry's assistance in enabling the change that has happened.  Roger Clarke

Anna Turvey

Over the past few seasons Anna has progressed her career in a determined manner, carrying the club's name with her. This year she has reached the very top of the ladies competition ladder. Top 3 placings in many open CTT events. Podium places in CTT championships. Winning her own National Championship. Competition record over 10 miles and to crown the season selection for the world championships. Anna has represented our club in a wonderful way and deserves our recognition for her efforts.  Ray Luckett

Martin Wells

I would like to nominate Martin Wells for Club Person of the Year. Martin has put a huge amount of work into the Club Mark renewal project, and this at a time when he sustained a serious head injury in July which fatigues him greatly. Keeping concentration on the task in hand has been a real challenge for him but he's done a sterling job. In addition he continues to drive the Go - Ride section forward continuously striving to make our offer more attractive to a wider range of riders. Because we don't have a "tarmac" facility he resurrected the coaching at Ponteland School followed up by joint coaching sessions with Newcastle Phoenix at Newburn which were widely appreciated by all the riders who attended. He was also quick off the mark to take advantage of a free portacabin on offer. He acquired it for the club at no cost and is leading the sprucing up of the building enabling it to become a Vags H.Q., particularly for events at Kirkley Farm and security for our property as required. I believe Martin is a particularly worthy nominee this year.  Jeff Sylph

Danny Winthorpe

Danny has been instrumental in the encouragement of members to participate in the club time trials, he is very helpful with the new members and is a great ride leader.  Wilf Joel

I have missed Danny since he has been away. He is a friendly face and very welcoming to everyone. It was Danny who got me interested in the 12hr and longer distance TTs and really helped me out. That sums up Danny for me funny, friendly and he is always willing to help people. Danny was always willing to lead rides on a Saturday and arranged a club 10 TT reccy for newbies every year. This was well attended with Danny explaining what to expect and demystifying the TT races and what happens. I am sure this helped loads of people and meant more club members were willing to have a go.  Tania Tucker

I would like to nominate Danny Winthorpe for Club Person of the Year 2016. He epitomizes all that is good about the club in that he is friendly, welcoming and encouraging at all levels, and a great ambassador for the Vagabonds.  Bob Melrose

Danny Winthorpe is a very popular member of the club who, through his genuine and infectious enthusiasm for all things cycling, has had a major impact on others whether in helping time trial novices, leading rides, racing individually or in a team, or passing on hints and tips to others. Many a former newcomer to the club can point to Danny as the reason why they enjoyed their first rides and came back for more. He represents everything that is good about club cycling and being a good clubman. Awarding Danny with the club person of the year honour is long overdue and I hope that your votes will go to Danny.  Keith Aungiers

Danny is such a nice man and is always happy to look after newcomers on club rides. He is also responsible for lots of people joining the club. Danny organises a very enjoyable session for beginners to time trialling and shows riders the ropes before the club time trial season begins. I believe he bridges the barriers with other clubs and gets involved in other activities such as cross club turbo training and charity bike rides. He has been in the club for about 7 years and has never won this award. He has been ill recently and I think this award would be the best tonic that his fellow Vags could give him.  Lesley Bennett

I would like to nominate Danny Winthorpe. Since I joined the club he has always been a great advocate for the club, supporting new riders, promoting all the events and encouraging others t actively try new things. things such as MTT, TT, cyclocross etc., all of which may of us have done as a result of Danny's enthusiasm. Regardless of experience, skill sets of riders Danny is always willing to offer kind, considered advice which is always helpful. Such a nomination cannot go without the mention of the tremendous whit and humour which Danny dishes out much to the delight of us all.  Brian Craven

Even though I hardly ever time-trial and usually keep my club cycling to joining Wags on a Sunday, I have been lucky enough to meet Danny on a few occasions and was fortunate enough to join him for his Time Trial Briefing rides which I gather he’s been doing for years. Both sessions were really excellent in showing us the ropes and was a great encouragement to have a go. It wasn’t Danny’s fault that my first effort was on the most amazing, windless evening and meant that I cycled so darned fast (for me that is!) that I set a time that I know I’ll never beat!! If I were younger and fitter I’d definitely give it another go but, after one more (much slower) attempt on a ‘normal conditions’ day, I am now content to leave it at that. But the point I’m making is that Danny has given his time and expertise to our club over, I understand, many years to get people up and pedalling on the TT evenings and that includes a number of Wags who’d never have dreamt of doing it without his inspiration and have discovered a competitive spirit within them that they never knew they had!  Alex Mason