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Jon Bennett

Who has been in the club for less than two years, and in that time is often seen leading a group on the Saturday rides, and of late taken up the challenge of organising and leading one of the rides on Sunday morning, plus of course his lengthy often humorous posts of the afore mentioned rides. He is often seen at the club tt's lending a hand.  Bob Holywell

Lesley Bennett

Lesley had only been a member for a few years when she bravely took up the challenge of organising our premier event of the year, the Mountain Time Trial. The event went off without a hitch which was testament to lesley's hard work behind the scenes. She has also been present at all the tt"s doing the signing on.  Bob Holywell

Lesley and Jon Bennett

They have 'recently' come into the club and almost immediately embraced a wide variety of participation and organization.  Bob Melrose

Lesley and Jon are newish to the vags. This year Lesley has taken over the reigns of the mt47 doing a great job including a record no of riders taking part. Jon has taken over as ride leader and organiser of the Sunday B rides, giving it stability and organisation and is becoming famous for his war and peace length reports.  Danny Winthorpe

Chris Bush

Who in his first season of track coaching is involved regionally as well as team coach for the regional team in the national schools games.  Bob Holywell

Roger Clarke

For his tireless work behind the scenes, ensuring the club is run in the correct manner, and of course the numerous meetings he attends on behalf of the club.  Bob Holywell

This year Roger recorded 403 Miles on the Prees course in the National 24 hour TT in difficult conditions. Roger has trained all year for this event, forgoing club rides to concentrate on his individual training. As someone who has struggled with twelve hours this year, believe me when I say this is a fantastic achievement.  Danny Winthorpe

Alan Dick

I'd like to nominate Alan Dick for his hard work and diligence over the years as Club Treasurer, a key position without whom the Club would not be able to function and it would be fitting if he was recognised as club person of the year.  Austin Wilcock

Pete Hodgson

For his endless enthusiasm he puts into his coaching both in road and cyclo cross. Now that he's got his level two in track coaching there's no doubt he'll be getting involved both with the same amount of enthusiasm, both with the club and regionally.  Bob Holywell

As a key go-ride coach I believe Pete has done an incredible amount of work this year for the club. Pete deserves this recognition as he continues to grow in the role of coach and impart his vast knowledge of cycling to a new generation as well as to established adult cyclists and other coaches. Pete supports everyone involved and does the club proud with his well delivered sessions. Pete has only been with the club a short length of time but during that time has given so much to the club it deserves recognition.  Chris Heppell

Wilf Joel

Wilf is a relatively new member, who has embraced the club and it's members whole heartedly. Wilf always has a smile on his face and cheerfully takes part in everything from marshalling, supporting and this year Wilf has ventured onto the race scene, knocking nine mins off his vags ten pb. To me Wilf epitomises the spirit within the Vags.  Danny Winthorpe

Bob Melrose

For the amount of effort that he puts into the organising of both the Saturday and TOGS ride, a massive effort considering his personal circumstances.  Bob Holywell

I nominate Bob Melrose for his work in organising the Saturday club rides, he even turns up when not riding to make sure that all groups are covered.  Wilf Joel

Mark Reed

For his continuing work on the cyclo cross, as well as organising the open 100, and his work behind the scenes for N & DCA, and of course we mustn't forget the new 12 hour record he set this summer.  Bob Holywell

I'd like to nominate Mark Reed aka the 'Quiet Man' for his continued commitment to the club and regional cx and TT scene and his own personal racing achievements for the year.  Austin Wilcock

Mark is a great asset to the club. He combines his work with the N&DCA with organising several Vags race events, including the prestigious 100 mile championships, and the popular CXNE round at Kirkley. On top of this, he's also had a great year on the bike himself, putting in sterling performances in many long-distance TT events and figuring in the top 30 of the national long distance BAR.  Chris Ellaby

Mark organises lots of races from CX to TT on behalf of the club and is the mainstay of the N&DCA. Mark goes about this in a quiet, organised way. An all round good guy!  Danny Winthorpe

Eileen Reid

For the onerous task of organising the ordering and delivery of the club kit, plus helping out at events as and when possible.  Bob Holywell

Eileen gives up so much of her time to the club. She organises the annual Majorca trip, deals with the club clothing orders, and does loads of other things, including running the bottle services at the 100 (along with Graeme). People like Eileen are the lifeblood of a cycling club.  Chris Ellaby

I would like to nominate Eileen Reid for club person of the year for all the amazing work she does behind the scenes for the club & it's members. She does a fantastic job keeping everybody kitted out in club colours, she supports many of the club events & time trials particularly the 100TT & mountain time trial and her hard work organising the annual Majorca trip for over 40 members is incredible & very much appreciated.  Ker Morgan

Eileen makes an impact on almost every member of the Tyneside Vagabonds in one way or another.

  • She has been running the Club kit ordering for some years and I suspect virtually everyone has benefitted from her help when buying club jerseys, gilets etc. I've experienced her helpful efficiency in making a number of purchases and have appreciated her patience and knowledgeable input very much.
  • In addition to that, she is the most brilliant organiser of the Mallorcan club trips which have taken place each Spring; her capable management keeps us one jump ahead : getting great deals with the airline & hotel, ensuring (as far as possible) that luggage & bicycles arrive with us, and eventually shepherding us safely to the Duva in Puerto Pollensa where she remains a reassuring figure should problems arise during the holiday.
  • She is a frequent volunteer whenever there's a club event needing support admin and Cyclocross racing, Time Trials and Go-Ride events for the younger members have all benefitted from her well-organised, cheerful presence.
  • Last but not least, she has featured prominently at Presentation Dinners, as the super-efficient organiser and co-ordinator who ensures the smooth running of the award ceremony.

I really feel it's time to acknowledge her contributions to our club and hope other members will strongly support this nomination.  Alex Mason

Graham Tubby

For the excellent work he puts in at the farm for the go ride on the Saturday sessions plus the time he puts in on his days off in the middle of the week.  Bob Holywell

John Warrington

For the fantastic season he's had breaking record after record on the TT bike.  Bob Holywell

My final nomination is for John Warrington aka 'Mr. Slippy' whose achievements on the bike in club and open TT's at all distances this year have been remarkable and an inspiration.  Austin Wilcock

I'd like to nominate John Warrington as person of the year. His records at 25 (now eclipsed), 30, 50 and 100 miles should speak for themselves. He's also been very forthcoming with advice to me, as someone desperately trying to hang in his slipstream.  Greg Melia