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Edward Beechinor-Collins

I would like to nominate Ed for the member of the year, for all the incredible work he has done for and with the younger riders.  Gary Enever

I would like to nominate Ed Collins.  Ed is the driving force behind a lot of the coaching activities going on and not just with the Vags.  He is very motivated and is keen to help riders improve and progress, giving up a lot of his time to do so.  Chris Bush

I would like to propose Eddie Beechinor Collins as Clubman of the year.  Hugh Harrison

Roger Clarke

I would like to nominate Roger.  I know he does loads for the club full stop and it is an always under appreciated job.  Some people have no idea the number of hours he puts in.  Personally your encouragement has also meant that I've taken part in time trials this year (which at the time I hate but generally I do enjoy them!).  It was again, quite intimidating as it's male dominated with lots of expensive kit and people who know what they're doing.  I on the other hand don't have a clue.  Despite mainly being resolutely last all of the time your (and the other lovely people who do TTs) encouragement has meant it doesn't always feel that way.  Caroline (Baz) Rochester

Quentin Field-Boden

I would like to nominate Quentin Field-Boden for his tremendous ride in the 24 hour time trial. What was he thinking when he entered the event?  Had he lost his mind?  We all sat on the edge of our seats awaiting Twitter updates on his efforts and lo and behold it happened.........not only did he finish the event but he also beat the previous club record. Superhuman effort by Quentin and his supporting team.  His achievement was truly AWESOME (.....and I know he hates this word!).  Elaine Dey

I'd like to nominate Quentin for breaking the longest standing club record, which is by far and away the most demanding of all club records that most of us wouldn't even contemplate taking on.  Alan Dick

Others will also nominate Quentin, but his achievement in breaking the club's longest standing record cannot be overstated.  He prepared for this meticulously over nearly a year, researching equipment, training, nutrition, pacing, and the course, not to mention contacting every rider over 400 miles from the previous year to seek their advice - and riding his bike once or twice.  His determination in overcoming some real difficulties and discomfort on the day was truly awesome.  There is a reason why this record had stood since 1949.  And Quentin didn't just beat it, he added 14 miles to the record, set a new VTTA North age related record, and won his age category in the National Championship.  Roger Clarke

Chris Heppell

I'd like to nominate Chris Heppell for input into Go Ride training and spreading of the Vags word via Sky Ride.  David Edwards

Sue Heppell

I would like to nominate Sue Heppell.  My daughter, Olivia, has attended the fantastic Go Ride sessions most Saturday mornings throughout 2013.  They have been lead by the tremendously skilled, enthusiastic and committed team of Brian, Ed, Ritchie and Chris, and others.  However, the person who is always there organising, supporting, encouraging, and even taking the money, is Sue.  She knows what makes each child tick, and their needs, and is constantly checking that all is well with each of them.  A real 'Unsung Hero' of the club's future talent.  I am sure that Brian, Ed, Chris and Ritchie would also acknowledge the quiet impact of Sue to the hugely successful Go Ride section of the club.  This is done on top of being a Guide leader, a key member of Ponteland Swimming Club, a founder of the recently formed Ponteland Triathlon Club, and being a mum.  Brian Egdell

Bob Holywell

I would like to nominate Bob Holywell.  Bob was been great when I started doing Sunday rides, when I got my legs ripped off at Kielder he waited and helped me back.  Everyone else had gone and I think I probably spoiled his ride for him but he didn't let it show!  Along with other members of the Vags he's been very encouraging and think that his enthusiasm helped me make the jump to the 'scary fast lads' ride which he organises on a Sunday.  Caroline (Baz) Rochester

I'm nominating Bob to recognise his support for, and involvement in, so many of the club activities.  This includes riding club audax events and the club hill climb, leading Saturday and Sunday rides as well as marshalling on club time trials and cyclo-cross events.  Bob also stepped in at short notice to organise the President's run and has stood in as acting social secretary to organise the club's presentation night. In fact there is very little that the club has done this year which hasn't involvement Bob in one way or another.  Alan Dick

Having been a member of the club for a few years I have noticed Bob has continually played more and more of a part in making the Vags a successful cycling club. He is one of the long standing Sunday riders, who continually supports the ethos that long steady Sunday rides are the way to build character, strength and stamina. This shows with his ability to one by one drop most of the club's young guns and show them a clean pair of heels. Come rain or shine he is out on his bike grinding out the miles. He is such a stalwart that he is recognised as the regular ride leader on a Sunday, without whom the ride would most likely be a rudderless ship.  He is a friendly, happy and extremely funny character and a valued member of the Vags cycling club with an infectious love of cycling which rubs off on many of the club members. He has a unique way of talking to the kids and encouraging them to get on their bikes and enjoy themselves. No matter what the weather this member is there to help. He is also a regular attendee at all club functions and has recently been a pivotal part of the organisation of these events.  Graeme Gow

Bob is a ride leader and shepherd on Saturday and Sunday rides and travelling to Majorca this year he took me under his wing and eased me through the journey.  He has recently arranged the President's run, and put time and effort into the CX course.  He is always there to help and be a point of contact for new / existing members.  Paul Rider

Eileen Reid

Eileen has contributed an awful lot of time and effort to the club this year, from organising the engraving of the trophies and awards for Presentation Night, the hassle of managing clothing orders and kit redesign, and organising the club trip to Majorca for 2014.  These are all fairly thankless tasks that most people would not wish to take on.  The club simply would not function without people like Eileen.  Roger Clarke

Mark Reed

My nomination goes to Mark Reed.  He has had a cracking season in what seems to be the closest since I joined the club, knocking serious margins off his PB's - giving Dave Robinson and Tim Wilcock a run for their money, but narrowly missing out on the championships.  He pulled a team of Vags together to create and host some fantastic CX events, which were a huge success.  It takes a huge amount of dedication and time for all that and Mark took the lead in making it happen.  Mark is generous with his training and racing tips, which have helped me improve (a bit).  Ken Thursby

Peter Schultz

Peter has been the stalwart of the club time trials this season - being almost ever present as timekeeper - and has taken on responsibility as club time trial secretary.  Peter also helps where he can on club rides, and is happy to lead groups and lend support and encouragement to new members.  Alan Dick

Tania Tucker

I would like to nominate Tania Tucker.  The WAGS rides organised and led by Tania provide the support and encouragement to women who would like to attend club rides but have felt a little anxious about doing so.  I recently attended one of these rides and was immediately struck by how friendly and well organised the group is - just one big "WAGS family"!  Elaine Dey

I would like to nominate Tania Tucker.  It's just over a year since the WAGs section of Tyneside Vagabonds came into being and she has worked tirelessly to create and nurture a really lovely group.  For women (and girls!) who may not have had much, if any, experience of group riding Tan's approach encourages us to extend our experience and technique and dare to do more than we might otherwise have thought possible.  She is a born leader, able to make quick decisions which enable all of us in the group to enjoy our time out, whether we are new and a bit hesitant, or more able and ambitious.  Added to all of that is the sheer sense of fun that she instils into the group.  Tan's cycling abilities are put to good use as she appears almost capable of being in two or three places at the same time – leading from the front as well as nursing along those who fall behind. Perhaps she was a champion sheepdog in a former life?!

I never thought it possible I could join a cycle club but the existence of the WAGs has given me almost a year of challenges, new friends and extended horizons, all of which I really appreciate.  I would imagine I'm not the only new member to have joined after making contact with Tan and being encouraged by her to ride out with the WAGs – and having such a group as part of the Vagabonds must enhance the club's reputation as a friendly, welcoming community of cyclists.  Alex Mason

This weekend celebrates the first anniversary of the WAGS and I am delighted to be able to nominate Tania Tucker for this very prestigious award.  Tania was instrumental in setting up this cycling group and has been foremost in ensuring every Sunday that she has been either able to lead the ride or ensure someone else has been able to swap into her cleats!  Tania has transformed the cycling lives of many women, myself included.  She has encouraged participation from those less confident when cycling as well as providing an opportunity for those daft enough to see how fast they can go along Limestone Lane!!  Tania is always keen to promote the ethos of the Vagabonds and ensure that we are an integral part of this club.  I am very confident that she is a very worthy recipient of this much sought after award and await the results with eager anticipation.  Lynda Parkin

I would like to nominate Tania Tucker for her commitment and consistent enthusiasm.  Jacqueline Butterworth

I'm nominating Tania Tucker because she puts in so much hard work and dedication to the Vags WAGs. She is amazing :)  Helen Moore

Danny Winthorpe

I would like to nominate Danny Winthorpe for his genuine and infectious enthusiasm for all things cycling.  Whether he is leading club rides, welcoming and looking after new members, passing on his experience to others, taking part in club events or representing the club in other events, Danny's dedication and generosity is ever present.  He is a true ambassador for the Vagabonds and the sport of cycling.  Who better for club member of the year?  Keith Aungiers

I wish to nominate Danny Winthorpe for Club Member of the Year.  He epitomises all that is good about the Club; in that he is friendly and welcoming, as well as being extremely helpful and considerate to novice cyclists.  Danny is a great ambassador for the club. Many new members (including me) have joined and stayed with the Vags because of his passionate enthusiasm.  I do believe that Danny has incorrectly missed out for this award over the last 3 years: so hopefully this will be corrected in 2013.  Bob Melrose

I nominate Danny as he is a very prominent member of the club, he enters competitions around the country thus promoting our great club and acting as the perfect ambassador for the Vagabonds. Danny is a very approachable person and is always on hand to give advice to other members and pass on his knowledge of cycling.  He often leads the rides on a Saturday and gives great encouragement to new and prospective members.  Wilf Joel