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Elaine Dey

The person whom I would like to nominate is Elaine Dey. She epitomizes what I think the club is all about, in that she looks after the ‘fledglings’, rarely misses both Saturday and Sunday Club runs, has a very competitive edge and ‘lives’ for the Vags. Plus 25 years is not a bad apprenticeship. Bob Melrose

This is Elaines 25th year as a member of the Vags, joining as a fresh faced 18 year old. Most Vags will have a story about their first club ride and it will likely feature Elaine. She is the ever present face of the Vags on the Saturday rides, and makes new members feel at home with her friendly chat and wicked sense of humour. As clothing secretary Elaine puts in an awful amount of work, sorting out the discounts, placating members over delayed orders, and diplomaticaly telling members maybe a bigger size would be more suitable! I can''t speak too highly of Elaine's dedication to the Vags - she is fiercely proud of the club, speaking her mind and letting others know the way Vags members should behave. On the cycling front, Elaine has enjoyed her most successful season on the bike since her crit wins as an 18 year old, this year lowering her times at both 10 and 25 by quite a margin. Danny Winthorpe

Ray Luckett

We'd like to nominate Ray Luckett for coming all the way down to the GHS National Championships to support the younger riders, as well as the training plan, and turbo sessions Ray runs through the winter. Adam & Rob Hogarth

Brian Robson

We'd like to nominate Brian Robson - for being the unsung hero of the cycling club. Brian puts a lot of time in marshaling, and is always willing to help, as well as offering great advice all of the time. Plus Brian has been in the club for years and its about time his contribution was recognised. Adam & Rob Hogarth

Ray Ross

I'd like to nominate Ray Ross.
  • For his ridiculous mileage in the face of adversity.
  • The fact that nothing is too much trouble for him.
  • That he's always willing to help with, and is equipped for any mechanical/injury/illness.
  • That he happily shares his experience with everyone.
  • He never leaves a rider behind, really ensures that every member is made to feel welcomed and valued.
  • His attendance at club events.
  • The driving round courses before events, sometimes more than once if there's a possible hazard.
  • The sweeping of the roads.
  • The putting out and bringing in of the cycle race signs.
  • The marshalling.
  • And for the no doubt numerous other things he gets up to for the good of the club.
Oh, and for the bottomless pocket of jelly beans and the numerous cuppa's he's bought me. Carrie Foster

I would like to nominate Ray Ross for club member of the year as I feel that his contribution to the club is outstanding;

  • Ray is always available for help and assistance to new and inexperienced club members, especially on the Saturday rides (not to mention help for the ride leader as well), helping with everything from phoning ahead to the cafes, route suggestions, and riding with slower people.
  • Helping out on club mid week time trials, driving the course, putting signs out, marshalling, etc.
  • As an organiser of my first open event this year this year I was helped so much by Ray that my job on the day was relatively easy.
  • Ray attends and assists at most club functions; club rides, TT's, turbo nights, club nights, and although he may not the official organiser he is always helping out. Ritchie Case

Andy Taylor

I would like to nominate Andy Taylor for the award. Despite his short time with our club he has participated in club events achieving a sub-30 minute time on our 10 course, helped out with marshalling events and also leading Saturday rides. He is an asset to our club and someone who can be relied upon to look after other people on club rides. Elaine Dey