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Youth Go-Ride Coaching – Sat 2nd Sept

I hope everyone’s enjoyed a great summer holiday. The Go-Ride coaching will resume at Thorneyford Farm on Saturday 2nd Sept and run for 7 weeks up to and including Sat 14th Oct. The CX season has started and these sessions will use a combination of field and hard surfaces so CX / mountain bikes or similar with gears will be required and please dress for the variable autumn  conditions!

Venue:  Thorneyford Farm,  Kirkley,  Ponteland,  NE20 0AJ

Time:     8:45 - 9:45            Cost:     £3 on the day

The coaches will split the riders into appropriate groups based on their ability.

Club Rides

We’re looking for volunteers to lead the youth club rides on Saturday mornings through September. Please contact me if you are able to lead one of these rides. Older youth members will be able to join the other club rides departing from the farm at 10am. This provides the opportunity for progression but please ensures that you start in the slower groups and only progress when comfortable to do so. If in doubt please speak with one of the coaches and remember all members under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Other Racing Opportunities

For those looking to race the Cyclocross season starts this Sunday 3rd Sept at Hetton (CXNE) with racing for all ages.  Info on the 2 regional CX leagues can be found here:

The Cyclo Cross North East (CXNE).

North East CycloCross League (NECCL).

For other events being organised locally please take a look at the British Cycling Events webpages.

Please speak with one of the coaches if you would like more information or advice. If you have any questions please contact myself or speak with one of the coaches.

Martin Wells

Go-Ride Contact

07941 326532

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

This weekend, 22nd/23rd July, the club rides are undergoing something of a relaunch. 

Over recent weeks 30 club members, who are amongst our most experienced club riders and who have volunteered to be ride leaders, have met and discussed how our club rides are run. We've put together all of the feedback we've been given from across the whole range of our club rides and hope this will make the club rides even more enjoyable and successful than they are now.

Read more: Club Rides Relaunch

My summery of this year’s Youth Circuit Nationals so far,

Hog Hill, A long travel down to London for a hilly race. Roughly a mile long circuit with a short but steep climb in it. After being gridded at the back and someone not being able to clip in in front of me, I was 10 meters of the back by the first corner. However, once the top of the hill on the first lap had rolled around I found myself comfortable in the group again. Tired from that big exertion the rest of the race was cruel, constantly being dropped on the hill and having to chase hard on the flats. When the chequered flag arrived I had finally dropped of the group but was only 20 meters or so behind. I finished 36th overall in the first national of the year.

North West youth tour, First of the prologue. A nice day turned into a terrible one just as I was starting, the rain was bouncing off the ground and it had suddenly gone dark. The course was 3km along the sea front at Morecombe Bay. Luckily the rain didn’t last long and after a couple of seconds it was over. I rode well and finished in a time of 3:36, placing me 31st after the first day. The second day was a very hilly road race, roughly 2.5 miles every lap. We were supposed to be doing 9 or 10 laps but after our race was delayed due to crashes, then stopped as an ambulance needed to leave, it was shortened to 5. After the first lap of the hill everything was smashed up, I found myself in a group of about 10 and in the end I finished 29th, moving me up to 29th overall. The 3rd and 4th stages were supposed to be on the same circuit on the same day, but due to the wet weather and an air ambulance needed on the circuit it was shortened to one stage. All I needed to do was not crash and finish in the bunch to finish in the top 30. And that’s what I did, finishing 39th in the stage but on the same time as everyone else, this meant I finished 29th overall, which was an improvement from Hog Hill.

Hillingdon, Another long drive down to London but for a not so hilly circuit this time, it was about the same in length as Hog Hill but without the climb. Not my favourite races as they typically stay together a one massive bunch until the end and it becomes very difficult to move up. This meant I spent most of the race at the back of the bunch. However with 3 laps to go I managed to find myself leading the peloton down the home straight. This didn’t last long as the Sprinters started storming past me. Coming into the last corner I was in the middle of the bunch. But then a big crash sent at least 15 riders to the ground, luckily I didn’t go down, but I had to slam on and veer onto the grass. This meant any chance of me getting a good position was over. The race organisers couldn’t figure out where I came for some reason, but I thought I ended up around the late 30s.

Crit under the Castle, up in Stirling this time but for a great race, closed road underneath the castle, if you didn’t guess it by the name. The course consisted of two climbs, one cobbled and one normal one making up an at least 2 mile circuit. The fast pace at the start meant I was dropped from the leading group but managed to find a smaller group a bit further back. The unbelievable pace being set at the front of the race meant that we had to push hard not to be lapped, unfortunately we were lapped with 2 laps to go. Even though we had been lapped by the leading group, there weren’t many riders in it, this meant that I finished 22nd overall, my best national yet.

With four nationals down I only have one more to go, Scarborough. Laps around Oliver’s mount; if anyone knows it they know it is steep and long. Hopefully I can get into the top 20s. This would be really good as most nationals consist of 70-100 riders. I will write a race report on that one too and I would just like to thank the club for their support for me, from the little tips on Sunday rides to the other racers who turn up on race days, thank you. Matthew Wells.