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miriam jessett

Being able to look back on this season has given me ample opportunity to observe the highs and lows that I have been through. This varied from having my very first race win on New Year`s Eve to being off the bike for 3 weeks with flu in February.


Two races have stood out for me. In July, I came 2nd overall and 1st Junior at the fourth round of the Scottish National Alba Series. It was a case of déjà vu, the previous year I had made a break in a scratch race on the track at Dundee with a rider called Sarah Walker. The exact same scenario occurred again only this time the race was 48 miles instead of 20 laps of a 400m track. I didn’t consciously attack, to put it simply I just rode off the front. I remember looking back to see a 30m gap and thinking “alright, bye then!” In my opinion Scotland is perfect for road racing as the hilly terrain gets rid of the weaker riders.

Earlier on in May, I was at Herne Hill for the National Womens` Omnium. There were several cat 1 riders there, including some of French nationality. Omnium days can be very tough as you are required to call upon your body time after time. Somehow I managed to muster enough energy to give the last race a real go. I and two other riders got half a lap on the main bunch so I scored points in the first three sprints. In the end I came 11th overall and 3rd junior, which I was happy with.

Recently I finished my season on a high, coming 2nd in the National Junior 10 mile TT. I was 17 seconds off winning! Having Anna Turvey seeded 2nd fastest in the Women’s event was very motivating for me. It was a very blustery day, so no chance of a PB. For me the end of this season has highlighted that time trialing is my favourite discipline. It’s the relaxed way in which you rock up to the start when it’s your turn and from the word “go” it’s just you and the clock. No tactics, just pure ability.

I am most proud of myself for coming back from having been ill with flu. Getting back into training was one of the hardest things I have ever faced. Pre-flu, I had won the Velo 29 Winter Series held at the Croft. I guess this gave me a marker for how much I had improved over winter. Majorca soon followed on from that and gave me the opportunity to get some much needed miles back into my legs. Let’s just say I can’t wait to climb Sa Calobra and Puig Major again, even faster!

On my birthday I was at the National Youth and Junior Track Championships in Newport. I raced in the individual pursuit and scratch race. It was my first time using a start gate so I was a little nervous. A big mention to Chris Bush for lending me his aero bars & giving ongoing advice on track cycling. For my first go at an individual pursuit I was pleased with my time but saw areas for improvement. I managed to beat all of the girls from the region. The scratch race was another story! Basically I almost missed the race. Lesson learnt.

This time last year I started working with Graeme Gow, with a little bit of help from Quentin Field-Boden. Having Graeme’s help has provided me with the know how to train hard but most importantly train with my head. He has taught me how important recovery time is and that there is always more in the tank than you think. Some things in life just ‘click’ and having Graeme’s input has been one of those things.

Finally I just want to say a big thank you to the club for the financial support they have given me this year. I wouldn’t have been able to go to so many National events without it. The club have provided some funds towards overnight stays at national events. These have been the events that I have learnt the most from and given me the motivation to train harder. Next year I am looking forward to doing more time trials and track races. My aim is to break 22 minutes on a 10.