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This weekend, 22nd/23rd July, the club rides are undergoing something of a relaunch. 

Over recent weeks 30 club members, who are amongst our most experienced club riders and who have volunteered to be ride leaders, have met and discussed how our club rides are run. We've put together all of the feedback we've been given from across the whole range of our club rides and hope this will make the club rides even more enjoyable and successful than they are now.

Club Ride Descriptions

One of the main points we have heard is that riders want club rides to be accurately stated in terms of difficulty / speed, and to be run consistently to that description. Everyone enjoys their club ride more when they are in the right group for their ability, so we have created some ride descriptions and have labelled each of our club rides so it is now easier to know how hard (or easy) any particular ride will be. If you wish to ride faster than a certain group then please join a faster ride; likewise if you wish to ride slower than a certain group.

There are separate descriptions for cafe rides and non-stop training rides - have a look at them on our Club Rides page and see which level you think you fall into. The names of some of our club rides are changing as a result, so the previous Sunday C group will now be "C3 Club Ride" and the previous Sunday Club Run will be "C5 Club Ride".

Group Riding

There is some excellent guidance that has been put together in our Club Ride Guide. If you haven't read this before then please take a few minutes to have a look - no matter how experienced you are there is probably something useful in there for you. And if you are a budding ride leader, or just want to know how our ride leaders go about their role, then take a look at our Ride Leader Guidance.

We'd like to draw everyone's attention to a couple of safety related points from this guidance:

  • If a vehicle is approaching the group then we would like to standardise on the shout of "back" if the vehicle is behind, or "front" if the vehicle is in front. Use of calls such as "car up" and "car down" have been used incorrectly in the past and cause confusion.
  • Please do not wave a vehicle past the group whether you are a ride leader or not. There have been a number of recent occasions where a rider has attempted to do this in an inappropriate location, only to have to try and cancel their indication when a car has come in the opposite direction. Please don't do this - it is up to the driver to determine for themselves if it is safe to overtake. There are virtually no circumstances where it is a good idea to do this despite the best intentions of the rider.

Saturday Ride Meeting Place

As you will no doubt already have heard, Saturday rides will be moving their starting location to Thorneyford Farm / Kirkley Cycles, enabling some of our stronger Go-Ride riders (and our coaches) to take part in the main club rides following their morning coaching session. Go-Ride coaching sessions are about to take their summer break, but please do call into the farm a bit earlier than your ride on a Saturday and see what our young riders get up to - you will be made more than welcome by our coaches!

Training Rides

There is now a non-stop club training ride on a Saturday morning, also leaving from the farm at 10am, and this may suit some of the club's faster riders instead of a cafe stop ride. Details of this ride, and all other club rides, are shown on the Club Rides page.

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