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Club News

All First Claim members (individual members and the main member of a family group) will have been sent an email about the proposal for new club kit. 

Building upon all the positive energy and activities in our club, the Committee has commissioned a small team to refresh our club kit.
The purpose:

  • Build on the positive momentum in the club and renew our identity
  • Address fit and performance issues by selecting a different kit supplier, to meet our broad membership needs.

Our Approach
We are an inclusive club which enjoys a broad range of cycling activities, across all age groups and gender (~25% of members are ladies!).
A Club Kit Team was pulled together to represent the main sub-groups

  • Club rides: Adrian Snell
  • Ladies: Becci Leung / Sue Thorn
  • Kids: Lee Casey / Jeff Sylph
  • Audax: Andy Berne
  • Racing: Mike James
  • Club Heritage: Roger Clarke
  • Design Lead: Gary Burnie
  • Facilitator: Ken Thursby

We are tremendously fortunate to have a professional and talented Graphic Designer in our Club, Gary Burnie.
Gary worked with several creative member of the club to produce 20 preliminary designs, a mix of traditional and contemporary designs.  The Club Kit Team shortlisted the 20 down to 3, below.



Hexagon Kit Triangle

Triangle Kit FINAL


Stripe Kit FINAL

Next Steps…

  • We are now seeking input from our members to choose their favourite! An email is being sent to all first claim members (the main member in the case of family membership groups) (this replicates the constitution's voting principle) with a on-line survey link.
  • We have asked for completion of the survey by 10 November 2019
  • The survey outcome will show us which is the most popular design… we will communicate this by 17 November 2019
  • At the AGM on 19 November, the membership will be asked to adopt the new design.
  • After the AGM outcome, we will progress supplier selection with the aim of taking new kit orders in Jan-2020 with delivery end March-2020


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