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A perfect day for a hill climb, dry roads and warm sunshine, saw 21 riders send the Sandhoe climb. We haven't had this number since 2013 so its very encouraging for the current strength of the club and the insanity of its members. The climb is a brutal 3-7 minutes of eyeballs out effort, with only the exceptional making it under 3 minutes.

This year two riders were added to the hall of fame, Mike James took the win in 2.48.78 and Matty Wells was runner up with a 2.54.34. Ken Thursby completed the podium with a 3.01.00 - his latest of a number of attempts yielding results frustratingly outside the 3 minute cut off.

We had 3 ladies riding and Charlotte Henderson took the honours with her 6.13.28. The under 16s were well represented with 4 riders, Matthew Walton (aspirant Vag) taking the top spot on 3.42.59 and Harry Sylph and Matthew Betson completing the podium. Poor James Urron took a tumble on the gravelly approach to the main climb and was the only DNF.  

James Moles seemingly effortless power to a 2.35.75 was testament to the suitability of e-bikes to this sort of course an an acknowledgement of the superlative achievement of the club record holder (TW) with his  2.28 ride back in 2013.

The spectators enthusiasm was boosted by the weather and the opportunity to avoid the ordeal, and there was a great sense of fun,support and camaraderie on the course.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the event a success, from ride organisers to time keeping support and impromptu pusher offers. It was a pleasure to be involved.

Results below (Rounded up by excel although clearly I cant push a button to an accuracy of 1/100 second. Sadly this cost Charlie T his sub 3.40 ride as I had him on a 3.39.95).


1 Mike James 02:48.8
2 Matthew Wells 02:54.3
3 Ken Thursby 03:01.0
4 Steve Myers 03:30.2
5 Paul Crotty 03:39.6
6 Charlie Tomson 03:40.0
7 Matthew Walton 03:42.6
8 Roger Clarke 03:45.8
9 Russ Hughes 03:46.8
10 Don Speight 04:01.1
11 Gary Burnie 04:16.1
12 Chris Urron 04:35.6
13 Harry Sylph 04:38.6
14 Charlotte Henderson 06:13.3
15 Terry Mole 06:19.6
16 Matthew Betson 06:55.6
17 Jeff Sylph 06:56.3
18 Katherine Patrick 07:05.5
19 Sarah Harker 07:36.2
  James Mole (2:35.75)
  James Urron DNF