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Road Cycle Coaching at Ponteland High School October 2015

CoachingPontHighOct2015 For 4 weeks in October and November Sunday afternoons at Ponteland High School have seen a number of club members cycling round a circuit practicing their Group Cycling skills. Although the coaching remains in the car park the circuit is of a reasonable size allowing good practice of skills and bike handling.

During the four weeks we covered Group Cycling, efficient cycling and preparation for Time Trials. The main takeaways for the participants were verbal communication for Group cycling and using dropped handlebars for cycling efficiency. After a few laps practice many felt more comfortable on the drops. What was also highlighted was that many need to ensure that they are correctly fitted for using the drops and that they are comfortable on the drops.

The participants were mostly from Tyneside Vagabonds, with a few from Ponteland Tri and a couple of attendee’s not in a club. We were blessed with good weather for the four weeks with average attendance of around 10 each week, mostly adults but with a couple of under 18’s. The opportunity to practice and concentrate on how to ride in a group can benefit all of us. Lesley and Alex demonstrated the high level of skills for the WAGS, looking supremely confident riding in close proximity to each other.

When offered timed TT starts all attendees participated, with particular interest in their times and positions against others. The most heated competition being between Phil and Pam. Worth asking them if you see them who was the fastest…..

These sessions bring the opportunity to practice cycling in a traffic free environment for the adult members of the club which many of us don’t normally have the chance to do. Next spring we will be offering another course of sessions, probably concentrating on mounting/dismounting and handling skills for the cyclists and transition and fast mount/dismounts for any triathletes.

Many thanks to all who attended, and to Brian Craven and Sue Heppell for Coaching at these sessions. Watch out for details in the spring of the next set of road coaching.

Chris Heppell