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It would normally be about now that we would get together for the annual Presentation Evening, but due to present circumstances, that is not possible.  Despite the ongoing situation, some racing did take place last year and we are pleased to announce the following award winners.  Some awards, such as the novice awards, are to be finalised, and the Committee hopes that we can have an event in the summer at which formal presentations can be made.  There was no Hill Climb or Mountain Time Trial in 2020.  The middle distance for the Long Distance BAR is taken from the National 50, the only middle distance event run in the NE in 2020.

Club Member of the Year: Adrian Snell

100 mile time trial 1. Roger Clarke (4.26.34) 2. Martin Rasmussen (4.33.03)
50 mile time trial 1. Dave Robinson (1.56.54) 2. Martin Rasmussen (2.06.46)
25 mile time trial 1. Dave Robinson  (58.20)  2. Roger Clarke (58.46) 3. Russ Hughes (59.05)
10 mile time trial 1. Roger Clarke (23.09) 2. Russ Hughes (23.22) 3. Dave Robinson (23.54)
Long Distance BAR Martin Rasmussen (4.33.03/2.06.46/59.30)  Average speed 23.03mph
Long Distance Veteran BAR Martin Rasmussen  (+22.53/+13.54/+8.56)    Total plus   45:43
Short Distance BAR  1. Roger Clarke (25.945 mph) 2. Dave Robinson (25.693) 3. Russ Hughes (25.676)
Short Distance Veteran BAR 1. Dave Robinson (20:01) 2. Russ Hughes (17:54) 3. Roger Clarke (16:42)
Junior Short Distance BAR (25 + 2x10) Jack Harker   15.501 mph
Juvenile Short Distance BAR (2x10) Matthew Batson 16.753 mph

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