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Events :-
10 miles – 6th May, 20th May, 17 th June, 15th July, 12th August
25 miles – 3rd June, 1st July, 29th July
For course details
I`m trying to keep these events as normal as possible this year but please read the following.
1.     The sign on will be at the start not in the car park. This is to prevent a gathering in the car
park. Please park somewhere on street in Ponteland away from other competitors and come
to the start by bike to sign on and then once you have your start time and number go away
again to warm up and come back to the start with only 5 minutes to spare. Please line up at
the start respecting the current rules on social distancing with fellow competitors and the
time keeper. If you leave something at the start we cannot take responsibility for it and you
must pick it up yourself at the end.
2.     You do not need to book in advance this year – its turn up and ride. However, I need to know
that everyone who turns up on the night has read this document and agreed to its terms. To
this end everyone who wants to ride this year needs to register with me before hand. All I
need is an email to say you intend to ride and you`ve read this covid document. You can
provide details of anyone in your family you are responsible for so children don’t need to
send a separate email. You can do this once for the whole year and then if anything changes
Ill email you and tell you. You don’t need to email me for every event. HOWEVER if you turn
up and you`re not registered for these events you wont get a ride I suggest you do it now if
you think you might ride – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3.     Sign on will be on the grass opposite the 10 start or on the grass at the 25 start. Sign on will
close when the race starts (7pm).
4.     The subs to ride is £5 per person per night. There will be a bucket to put the money in.
Please try to bring exact money unless you want to pick your change out of the bucket at
your own risk.
5.     We will be using the usual sign on sheets and you need to fill in all columns. You need to use
the hand gel provided and bring your own pen.
6.     We will be using our proper numbers again this year – you can pick yours up at the sign on.
They will have been washed before the event. Take the top one. If you need pins you have to
bring your own. After the event please return the numbers to the start – there will be a
bucket of soapy water to put them in. I wont be able to check they are all there until after I
get them home. If you don’t return your number on the night you will get a DQ.
7.     Results will be posted on the N&DCA website and I`ll email results to everyone on the
registered rider list.
8.     “Competitors on entering should be informed that they should not attend if they feel ill in
ANY way especially if they or family members have any symptoms. They should be told that
an elevated resting heart rate or exceptionally quick to react heart rate during warm up can
suggest an underlying asymptomatic illness of ANY kind, and that they should DNS and leave
immediately and not go to the start line if they feel this is the case.”
Email me to tell me you want to compete and you`ve read this document. If you are prepared to
marshal one night or know someone who would that would be really helpful too.
Bring pins and a pen and £5 and a red rear light.
Return your number.

The committee has agreed the following approach to restarting club rides.:

1 With effect from 29 March 2021, club rides can restart, initially with a maximum group size of six.  Strictly speaking, no cafe stop would be possible as no cafes would be open.  But it wouldn’t rule out a group of six getting a takeaway if they can find a suitable venue.  The logic behind this is that outdoor gatherings (including in private gardens) of either 6 people (the Rule of 6) or 2 households will also be allowed.  Track and trace practice should be followed.

2 This would allow two weeks to gather feedback so we can advise further for activities from the week beginning Monday 12 April, after which outdoor hospitality can open.  As a club, we benefit from the organised sport and activity exemption which allows group rides of more than six.  While British Cycling-affiliated Club rides or recreation programme rides for up to 15 participants are authorised by BC, as a club, we will not authorise such a large group on the highway.  In any event, maximum group size within any limit set by the club  will be at the discretion of the ride leader (i.e. if a ride leader wishes to take a group limited to six, that is their judgement and should always be respected).

3 Hospitality venues will be allowed to serve people outdoors from Monday 12 April (table service), which would facilitate a cafe stop.  It may be that some of the more popular venues may require booking, but it seems likely that such venues will be very busy.  

4 Initially, club rides can be promoted and arranged by posting on the forum or Facebook Group.  We are hoping to launch the club’s Spond Group in the near future, which will make bookings much easier.  Remember that rides privately arranged between club members are not to be described as club rides.

5 When on club rides, please wear the club kit if possible as it demonstrates that we are a responsible club.

It would normally be about now that we would get together for the annual Presentation Evening, but due to present circumstances, that is not possible.  Despite the ongoing situation, some racing did take place last year and we are pleased to announce the following award winners.  Some awards, such as the novice awards, are to be finalised, and the Committee hopes that we can have an event in the summer at which formal presentations can be made.  There was no Hill Climb or Mountain Time Trial in 2020.  The middle distance for the Long Distance BAR is taken from the National 50, the only middle distance event run in the NE in 2020.

Club Member of the Year: Adrian Snell

100 mile time trial 1. Roger Clarke (4.26.34) 2. Martin Rasmussen (4.33.03)
50 mile time trial 1. Dave Robinson (1.56.54) 2. Martin Rasmussen (2.06.46)
25 mile time trial 1. Dave Robinson  (58.20)  2. Roger Clarke (58.46) 3. Russ Hughes (59.05)
10 mile time trial 1. Roger Clarke (23.09) 2. Russ Hughes (23.22) 3. Dave Robinson (23.54)
Long Distance BAR Martin Rasmussen (4.33.03/2.06.46/59.30)  Average speed 23.03mph
Long Distance Veteran BAR Martin Rasmussen  (+22.53/+13.54/+8.56)    Total plus   45:43
Short Distance BAR  1. Roger Clarke (25.945 mph) 2. Dave Robinson (25.693) 3. Russ Hughes (25.676)
Short Distance Veteran BAR 1. Dave Robinson (20:01) 2. Russ Hughes (17:54) 3. Roger Clarke (16:42)
Junior Short Distance BAR (25 + 2x10) Jack Harker   15.501 mph
Juvenile Short Distance BAR (2x10) Matthew Batson 16.753 mph

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