2020 Time Trials

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Nick Wild
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2020 Time Trials

Post by Nick Wild »

Just to let everyone know where we are with this, and I`ll copy the post to the FB page too.

The CTT, without whom we cannot run any events, are hopeful of starting club tts after the 5th of July.

We have scheduled events for 9th July (10) 23rd July (25) and 6th Aug (10).

Clearly a lot of events have been missed this year and these can only go ahead once the government has approved them and within the new risk assessment brought in by the CTT for holding events with social distancing.

The new rules are quite prescriptive but if we follow them everyone will get to ride safely and the marshals will also be protected. More of this once we know if they will finally be approved and exactly what the rules are art the time.

I appreciate some will not want to be involved but the opportunity should be there for those who do. The recommencement of club events has been endorsed by the district CTT committee and they state :-

"All Organisers will be asked to reach out to the villages and communities that their events touch and if there are reservations from Parish Councils etc then to consider not running the event this year. "

If anyone has any suggestions about who to contact with respect to this please let me know.

I have requested some extra dates from the police so we have some more options to race in the shortened season, so if lucky the full schedule could be as follows ;-

9th July 10m TT
16th July 10m TT - may not be approved as the notice was short.
23rd July 25mTT
30th July 10mTT
6th August 10m TT
13th August 25mTT
20th August 10m TT

Blaydon are not running any events this year so we dont need to alternate Thursdays with them.

The covid restrictions will make running the events more onerous and there are one or two of these events when I will not be available so I really need plenty of volunteers if this schedule is to go ahead, and I`m also interested in peoples thoughts on whether there is the appetite for a weekly event as proposed - what do the regular riders think?

Two other dates for the diary are the Vags HC on the 5th September - hopefully with the weather as good as last year with the earlier date, and the Vags 100 in Pegswood, which also hosts the national vets championship this year.

Hoping for some positive news about the lifting of lockdown restrictions on or before the 4th of July.

David Robinson
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by David Robinson »

I'd be happy to ride, be good to get back into it again. A few holiday trips we have planned over the summer are still a little uncertain, so might miss some. I'd be happy to marshal also if required one/two.
Guessing the likely no "pusher off" doesn't really create an issue, as same for all.

Martin Rasmussen
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by Martin Rasmussen »

Given the latest Update from CTT, I assume there will be no event Thursday this week, but brilliant if we can get out next week.

Excellent if we could get an update Nick. I'm itching to get my skin suit on, and cursing the extra pounds gained in lock down..

https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/ar ... FmoxWQhRnw

Sharon Dyson
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by Sharon Dyson »

Just an update in regard to Barnesbury CC's Club 10's. I contacted Brian Bayne this morning to let him know that we would be good to go again from Wednesday 15th July, 2020, in light of CTT's information today. Brian is currently snowed under with project work, so may have to push back the start of his events a week - it depends upon how he gets on this week. He will probably be capping his events at 50 entries - we bought two sets of disposable numbers and plan to split them over a maximum of 4 events. I've personally had numerous messages asking when we will be starting the Club TT's again, so expect them to be busy. A number of riders want a run out before the Open event on Sunday 19th July.

Nick Wild
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by Nick Wild »

Expect more information in the next 24 hours about the details but I’m pretty sure we are on for a 10m TT on the 16th.

Sulisk Thorn
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by Sulisk Thorn »

Great, I can also volunteer on some of the TT.

Alan Dick
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by Alan Dick »

Very encouraging news Nick. If it does go ahead next week you can put me down for a high-vis vest.

Nick Wild
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by Nick Wild »

Time Trials are now back. Starting Thursday 16th. See the article on the home page.

I cant stress enough, if you want to ride, please read the riders briefing very carefully. There will almost certainly be people who dont bring a pen, try to sign on after 7pm or dont have a rear light.

We are not in a position to sort these issues out on the night so you`ll probably not get a ride unless you can resolve it yourself.

Also a reminder - the car park we usually meet in is out of bounds for riders in these events. DO NOT park there.

Many thanks to Alan for volunteering to marshal. I still need at least 2 more to run the event, preferably more. Once I know who is marshaling I`ll send out the Marshals Briefing to you. If you are concerned but keen to marshal let me know and I can send you the job description including the covid risk assessment.

Hugh Harrison
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by Hugh Harrison »

Hi Nick. I'm available to marshall if required. Hugh

Adrian Snell
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Re: 2020 Time Trials

Post by Adrian Snell »

I'll help out Nick

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