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Adrian Snell

Some Good News!

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Good evening.

Monday we move to the next stage in the road map, while we all need to do our part and continue to act appropriately it does mean we can return to some sort of normality. I hope the below points are clear so there is no miscommunication.

1. From Monday there is no limit on group sizes on the road, we will default to self regulation, keeping group sizes sensible thus avoiding traffic issues. ***There is a limit of 30 at the meeting point***

2. Thursday Tog’s and Saturday Club Rides will continue to start from the farm, the idea is to use the farm during the summer and if appropriate move to Samm’s during the winter. That means we have at least two Club organised rides where all riders meet socially before their ride to regain a sense of “Club”.

3. Members will have the ability to advertise rides on Spond and create Events on other days, not Thursday or Saturday (please request an exception if planning an away day or longer ride on these days). This is to try to get back to the “inclusive” nature we all want from the Club. These rides can start from any location but we ask you be sensitive to the perception of large groups meeting in public.
(Gordon will send out instructions on how to create an event)

4. I think it worth registering for all rides, that way organisers know who is expected and if the number goes above 30. There is no need to vote for a pace but we do need more people volunteering to lead rides. The organisation on the day will return to how it was pre-COVID... if you can remember 🤔

We have waited a long time to be able to do this, there are more and more activities appearing in the calendar and look forward to many more.

I hope the above is clear, happy to chat through any aspect.

Have a great week.

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