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Terry Whatson

Membership Transfer

Post by Terry Whatson »

With all bar two memberships now registered in the British Cycling Management System, we are on schedule to introduce the second big change in the way the club is organised. By the end of April, you will be sent a code, by e-mail, from the Club Membership list in the British Cycling Management System. Please look out for that e-mail as it will have British Cycling emblazoned across it in rather larger letters than Tyneside Vagabonds. If you do not receive that e-mail, please let me know as e-mail addresses are notoriously fickle and a stray comma or such like may have found its way into an address during the transfer. The code itself is for membership of the TyneVags group on the Spond App. You can download the Spond App whenever you like and then wait for the code. [If you do not have a smart phone you can access the information through Spond on the web.] Event notifications and communication will then take place through Spond.
The hiatus before sending out the code is simply to allow some of us to become proficient in using Spond before 193 members start asking questions.

Richard Knight

Re: Membership Transfer

Post by Richard Knight »

Hi Terry,

All looks great and thank you for your time and effort in sorting this out.


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