Spanish Lockdown day 8

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Hugh Harrison
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Spanish Lockdown day 8

Post by Hugh Harrison »

Still here in Locked down Denia with one week completed. Was one week to go but now it's a further 3 weeks(maybe). Life under lockdown takes on an inevitable regularity. Can't go anywhere apart from a supermarket which is best avoided in any case due to the the risk of infection, so everything revolves around the accommodation. In my situation not bad having a compound to walk round plus a short drive. So the day consists of getting up late. Ain't no point in getting up early ,not going anywhere. Breakfast which is a minimal meal. The slow burn porridge is a thing of the past. No chance of a hunger knock now. A brisk walk to try and keep a semblance of fitness. 10 laps to the Kilometre . TV at 12 to get the latest horror story. About 500 deaths in the 24 hours up until 12 today. Lunch followed by more laps, plus a peek down the completely deserted road. Got told off by the police yesterday for doing that! Quedarse en la casa they screamed at me. Stay in. An evening meal and then the news(bad) increasingly, Netflix or a book ( I'm currently reading Stephen King's The Stand). Maybe a bad choice!! Bed and another day is over. Not too bad actually. Certainly better than the alternative. My warmest best wishes to all Vagabonds and my sincerest thanks to all you Medical Professionals who are risking your health to assist us through these dangerous times. Stay safe please.

Alan Dick
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Re: Spanish Lockdown day 8

Post by Alan Dick »

An interesting post Hugh, thanks for sharing. You’ll have heard the measures here just got a bit more stringent. They aren’t to the degree of the lockdown you’re experiencing, although I suspect if people disregard the new rules then we will have tougher measures imposed. Please do keep us updated on how you’re managing; we may very well need to learn from you. Look after yourself and stay safe.

David Robinson
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Re: Spanish Lockdown day 8

Post by David Robinson »

Hugh. Interesting post. You obviously have a more stringent lockdown regime than we do at present.
Obviously you've got the daily structure sorted.
I'm reading a fairly topical book - "A Gentleman in Moscow", about a once aristocratic person in post revolutionary Russia, under hotel arrest in Moscow over many years.
Keep to the regime, keep sane and above all healthy. Take Care

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Roger Clarke
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Re: Spanish Lockdown day 8

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Good to hear from you Hugh, and that you are safe and well.

Alan Holmes
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Re: Spanish Lockdown day 8

Post by Alan Holmes »

Glad to hear you are avoiding the virus.
Expect the lockdown here will get tougher. At least I get to walk the dogs

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Keith Aungiers
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Re: Spanish Lockdown day 8

Post by Keith Aungiers »

It could be worse, Hugh. If I'd made it over there as planned you might be doing your daily walks with me for company. :lol: Keep posting and stay safe.


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