8 Toughest Sportive routes in the UK (Susie's Challenge)

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Re: 8 Toughest Sportive routes in the UK (Susie's Challenge)

Post by Austin Wilcock » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:32 pm

Just by way of an update on Suzy's challenge to ride the 8 toughest sportive routes in the country as reported by Cycling Weekly, Suzy along with Austin and Graham rode the Struggle on the Moors, a gruelling 110ml and 10,239ft of climbing on July 21st. There was much welcome logistical backup, support and encouragement from Brian/Kath Finlay and Lynda Parkin and Ker Morgan.

The ride included several classic Yorkshire climbs, aesthetically wonderful but brutal and unforgiving in nature with the common consensus the ride as a whole was tougher than the 'Fred', but don't take our word for it, get yourselves up Carlton Bank, Caper Hill, Rosedale Chimney and Boltby Bank aka Sneck Yate Bank and let us know what you think, we'd love to hear your views.

Suzy's challenge has been gathering some media attention and she has been interviewed by several of the local papers and an article was recently published in the local Whitley Bay publication.

Suzy's final challenge is a welcome return to Yorkshire for the Scarborough Sportive route a gruelling 120mls with over 11,000ft of climbing, it's going to make the 'Struggle' look like a day out in Holland. With that in mind the date will be Thursday 23rd August so any TOGs wanting to join in the fun can, but Suzy says it's an open invitation to any Vagabonds wanting to ride the route with her are most welcome. (details to follow)

As a footnote, Suzy loved the Welsh Monster ride 186mls with 21,325ft of climbing so much she is doing it again this weekend, primarily because she had to miss a few of the closing miles due to her lights packing up, but mainly because Tania Tucker really wanted to have a go. Austin who also missed the first ride being unavoidably occupied by sticking pins in his eyes, is regretfully busy this weekend too, pulling his finger nails out one by one.

Have a good and safe ride Suzy and Tania

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