National Derny Championships

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Graham Tubby
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National Derny Championships

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Well it’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in and there are advent calendars on the shelves in Asda.
To some this means cross is starting, to others it’s hillclimb season but to Joe it means it’s time for the derny nationals. This year he made the trek to the Geraint Thomas velodrome in Newport with other young North East hopefuls Miriam Jesset, Kirkley Cycles Race Team and Hugo Lutz Atkinson of Team Ribble. Miriam and Hugo were paced by Paul Curran and Joe was paced by Brad Thurrel.
Building on experience gained from last year Joe and Brad went with a plan, a very cunning plan as it turned out.
It takes a brave rider to watch the race disappear up ahead but that’s exactly what Joe did as he stuck to the plan to ride to a tempo he thought he could maintain for the first 90 laps or so before ramping up. After about 8 or 9 laps he was being lapped by the main bunch but stuck to the plan as riders who had gone out hard began to suffer.
By about lap 40 things started to fall into place and one by one he began to unlap himself, by lap 80 he was passing riders for actual position. On roughly lap 90 Brad ramped it up and they ended the race in 4th place.
For those interested in the numbers He averaged 33.33 mph and maxed out at 41.5 mph. Fastest lap (250m) just over 13 seconds.Average cadence was 110 rpm, max 128 (spinners are winners!). Average power is quite low due to being nicely tucked in behind the pacer, maxing at 580 watts but his heart rate was off the scale!
Once again it’s hard not to be impressed by the attitude of our young riders who have such little access to track cycling but manage to get such good results.
Now if he can just manage to balance “re-freshers week” at uni with the wattbike he might just carry some track speed into the indoor track leagues! I’m not holding my breath.
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Bob Holywell
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Re: National Derny Championships

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Well done Joe, way to go.

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